Order your free personal safety alarm

Now, more than ever, the work that you do is so important - for the customers you are delivering to (many who may not be able to leave the house due to the pandemic) and for the restaurants that you are helping to continue to serve great food and survive through this difficult time. 

You should never feel unsafe when you work. 

We take reports about safety extremely seriously and do everything we can to protect you - and starting today, you can now order a free personal safety alarm through the Deliveroo Rider Kit Store.

Click here to order your personal safety alarm. The alarms can be found in the ‘Equipment’ collection. Enter code ‘TEALSAFETY’ at checkout for free postage. 

When activated, these alarms let off a loud high pitched noise and emit a bright flashing light. They can be used to alert others nearby or deter thieves or anyone who you feel may pose a threat. These alarms will be made available free charge for all new riders as well as riders like you that already work with us.

Please follow these four steps if you feel unsafe or are targeted by criminals when working:

  1. Report any crime to the police. Don’t hesitate to call 999 if you are threatened/attacked or you witness a crime. 
  2. Always put your safety first. If you ever have concerns about completing an order safely, please move out of any immediate danger and contact Rider Support through the app to be unassigned. This will not affect how you work with Deliveroo in the future.
  3. Share your concerns and help us take action. You can report any concerns and help us to better identify the areas where you do not feel safe via the Rider Support team or by indicating ‘Safety concern’ at the end of an order. Gathering this data helps us to share more information with police and local authorities and helps them to take action.
  4. Choose to work where you feel safe. If you do not feel safe delivering to a certain area you do not need to deliver there - you can see the pick up and drop off location for each order before choosing whether or not to accept it. 

Your safety is our priority. Remember - never confront a thief or risk your own safety. You can find more safety guidance in our dedicated Safety section of the website.