Top tips for maximising your earnings

Riding with Deliveroo gives you the freedom and flexibility to work around your life and earn great fees too. However you choose to work, there are loads of ways to help maximise your earnings. Here are some tips on making the most of being out on the road:

Work our busiest times: super-peak

We’re busiest during super-peak – that’s Fridays and Saturdays from 18:00 - 21:00. It’s a good idea to work during these times to make the most of a higher number of orders.

Use the heatmap to track down orders

When you open the app you’ll be able to see how busy it is in the area around you. Darker areas mean more orders, and lighter ones mean fewer. If things are a little quiet where you are why not use the map to find a nearby area where it’s busier? If all the areas around you are quiet then it might be a good idea to go offline, take some time off and come back at lunch or dinner when we have more orders. 

Find out more about the heatmap.

Work with other riders on large orders

When a customer places a large order often more than one rider may be needed to deliver it so it’s more manageable. You’ll see at the top of an order in the app when other riders are helping you to deliver a large order. These orders tend to include bigger tips, so they’re a great way to earn more.

Keep earning after closing time

When you ride during the last opening hour of the day and you’d like to keep earning, stay online an extra few minutes to see if there are any last orders available. Orders that haven’t been picked up by the time we close still need delivering.

If you aren’t offered any orders after five minutes, you’ll go offline automatically. If you are offered orders, you’ll be able to deliver them as normal. You’ll always receive a fee for every delivery you complete.  


Bank holidays, Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Day are great times to get out on the road as people celebrate with friends and family by ordering delicious food from their favourite restaurants. On big holidays we often see more orders than normal, so it’s an opportunity to earn great fees – and we’ll usually remind you when they’re coming up so you can plan ahead.

Seek out extra fees

When you log in to the app you’ll be shown if there are extra fees available in the zone. You can also see upcoming extra fees Planner to help you choose where to work. And remember to check back throughout the week, to see when extra fees are available. You can find out more here.