Supporting your safety

Riding with Deliveroo lets you work around your own schedule and enables you to make time for the rest of your life, whether that involves other work, running your own business, studying, or spending time with family and friends. But we know that sometimes - through injury, illness or life changes - you might need to take a break from riding with us, or require some extra support. 

As a rider you're at the heart of Deliveroo and your safety is our priority. We're here to give you that support during these times. 

Here are some of the ways we already offer you security when you're unable to work, and new ways that will offer even more, starting in September:

Free accident and public liability insurance

Whenever you're working with Deliveroo you're already covered by our free accident insurance, which gives you income support in the event that you can’t work following an accident while working. Legal expenses are covered and a counselling and advice service is also available. All riders, regardless of vehicle type, are automatically covered when you sign up.

While logged into our app, you're also covered by our £1 million public liability insurance. That means you're protected in case you accidentally injure someone or damage their property while riding. If you're on a bike you're covered at all times, and if you deliver using a scooter or car you're covered when you're off or out of your vehicle.

Deliveroo has also recently partnered with Busby, a safety app that helps protect you when you're working. Busby lets you ask others nearby for help if you break down, report road risks (like a blind turn or a pothole) for others to see, detects possible incidents using sensors in your phone and contacts your emergency contacts and Rider Support if you're unresponsive.

You can download Busby for free now.

Earnings support if you're unwell

From 27th September we're introducing new insurance that means riders working regularly with Deliveroo may also be eligible to claim up to £35 per day if you're unwell and unable to work. 

This new element of insurance, which is available to all eligible riders, will ensure that, if your doctor tells you not to work because you're ill, you will be provided with earnings support while you rest and recover. 

We’re glad to say this cover is best-in-class - unlike some other insurance policies, this new policy from Deliveroo means if you're ill for more than a week you’ll be covered from the first day your doctor tells you not to work. We want you to be reassured that when you’re sick, we’ve got your back.

Read more about earnings support if you’re unwell.

Supporting growing families

Flexible working with Deliveroo is a great way to earn around other parts of your life - like time spent with your loved ones. Having a baby, or adopting a child, is a hugely exciting but also busy time of your life, and we understand that it’s likely you'll want to spend as much time as possible with your growing family if you become a parent. 

That's why from 27th September we're offering new parents who work regularly with Deliveroo a one-off payment of £1000, to help with loss of earnings and additional expenses, so you can take time off to focus on your family. 

Read more about our one-off new-child payment.