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What does Deliveroo’s free rider insurance cover?

Our market leading insurance cover means that whenever you’re out on the road with us, you’re protected in the event of an accident. Plus if an injury means you are unable to work, your earnings are protected while you recover.

It’s totally free and covers you whenever you go online with us.

Cyclists are also covered by public liability insurance while working – and motorised scooter and car riders are covered whenever they’re ‘off-vehicle’, for example, when walking to pick up and deliver orders. This protects you against claims made against you by other people, for their personal injury or property damage, as a result of an accident while riding.

You can view more information about this insurance cover, including policy terms and conditions, and excess fee details here.

Motorised sScooter and car riders will still need to have third-party liability insurance for their vehicle, as well as food delivery insurance, as required by law. You can find out about these insurance products here.

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