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How do I get a share code?

Your share code is a code from the site that shows us your right to work in the UK. Here's how to get it.

First, follow this link to claim your code.

View or prove your immigration status

Click "Start now" to begin. You'll need your right to work document with you.

Follow the steps and enter the info it asks for. You'll need to confirm your identity using either your phone or email address.

Once you've entered all your info, you'll see a page that looks like this:

Your immigration status

Don't worry if your status looks different to this example - not every page will have a "valid until" date. Scroll down to the "Prove your status" section and select it. You should see this:

Get a share code

Click "Get share code". You'll be asked why you need your code - choose "To prove my right to work in the UK".

When you reach this page, click "Continue":

Your right to work

Once you've clicked continue - you're done! You'll be shown your share code on the screen. We need you to copy that share code in to your application and take a screenshot of the code to attach to your application (this helps us verify it quickly).

Your share code

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