Riding during Ramadan

Iftar snacks from restaurants

Today marks the start of Ramadan. We partnered with restaurants such as Dishoom and Nando’s that will be offering snacks and drinks for you to use to break your fast.

Participating locations

Tips for riding safe

If you’re riding whilst you fast, take a look at some of the tips from fellow riders.

  • Remember to take breaks 
    To ensure your well-being while working on the road, make sure to take frequent breaks and get enough rest before starting, as this will help you stay refreshed and focused.
  • Don't forget to have a meal before starting your fast
    To help provide energy at the beginning of the day, it's important to try to eat something before beginning your daily fast
  • Wear breathable clothing
    If you’re cycling or riding a scooter, it can be even more tiring. To stay comfortable, consider wearing breathable clothing during the day.
  • Feeling unwell?
    If you feel unwell, take a break and seek assistance if you need to. You can contact a member of Rider Support through your app or via the rider website. Remember you can get free premium access to the safety app Flare to help you stay safe while on the road.

We’re here to support you whilst you ride. If you have any questions about riding during Ramadan, you can contact support through the rider website.