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How do you end a ride with HumanForest?

  • End a ride through the HumanForest app. The cost of ending a ride depends on where you drop the bike off.
  • Leave your bike in a designated HumanForest Green Bay in their operating area to avoid extra costs. You can see where these are in the HumanForest app.
  • If you end your ride outside a parking bay but still within the area marked as ‘Forest’, you will be charged £1 extra
  • If you end your ride in the red area marked as ‘Outside the Forest’, you will be charged £2 extra.
  • You cannot end a ride outside the red circle, marked as “The Wilderness” on the map. 
  • You’ll pay the amount in your exclusive bundle. If you go over the number of minutes allowed, you’ll be charged the standard rate (£0.15 per minute) until you buy a new bundle or lock your HumanForest e-bike in a designated zone.
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