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What's covered by Deliveroo insurance?

As a Deliveroo rider you are covered by our insurance whenever and wherever you’re out on the road with us in the UK. This includes the whole time you’re online, as well as up to one hour after you go offline.

Rider accident insurance

Covers all riders when working.

Your accident insurance gives you supporting income in case you can’t work following an accident while working with Deliveroo. You can claim an ongoing payment if you are injured and unable to work, and a lump sum payment for many injury types. You also have access to legal expenses cover, and a counselling and advice service.

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Rider public liability

Covers cyclists and walkers when working. It also covers scooter and car riders when they’re ‘off-vehicle’, for example, when walking to pick up and deliver orders.

You and your substitutes get £1,000,000 of cover in case you cause injury to someone whilst at work. It also gives you protection in case you damage someone else’s property whilst working, such as other vehicles or buildings. Legal costs are included in the cover.

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Who's covered?

  1. You: As a Deliveroo rider, you’ll be protected by our insurance cover.
  2. Your substitute: If you have someone else working for you as a substitute, they will be covered too.

What's not covered?

Riders using a car or scooter to complete deliveries will need to purchase their own vehicle insurance - you can find out what you need below.

Your own vehicle and other items of kit will also not be covered by this insurance. If your kit has been damaged and you want to replace it, please get in touch with us.

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