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Dealing with harassment and discrimination

Your safety is our priority and Deliveroo has a zero-tolerance policy in place to deal with any harassing, discriminatory, and/or offensive behaviour towards anyone who works with us - including riders, restaurants and the Deliveroo team.

You can report instances of this behaviour by tapping 'Contact us' below.

If we become aware of reports of this nature they are immediately escalated to senior members of our team and are treated with urgent priority. Depending on the specifics of a case, steps we take to support you may include, for example, permanently disabling a customer’s Deliveroo account.

We take any reports like this extremely seriously and in addition to asking you to let us know when something like this occurs, we would encourage you to report it to the police. This type of behaviour can be a crime - it should be investigated and, if possible, prosecuted as such. Our team will also always be willing to assist with any resulting police investigations however we can.

In addition to reporting such incidents, we continue to encourage you to immediately contact the emergency services if at any time you feel unsafe.

As you know, you do not have to deliver any order if you feel unable to do so for any reason, including if you are concerned about your safety.

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