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Can customers tip me?

Yes, customers can either tip you when they place their order, or after you've delivered it. 

If the customer didn't tip you when they placed their order, we’ll send them a push notification after you deliver the order letting them know they can tip you through the app.

Customers can either tip a fixed amount, or a percentage of the total cost of their order - that's why sometimes you'll see unusual, non-rounded amounts (like £2.47).

You keep 100% of the amount the customer tips you. 

If more than one rider helps complete an order, for instance if it's a big order or a heavy order (like lots of bags of groceries or a stack of pizzas) the customer's tip will be automatically split between all the riders who completed the order.

If you get a tip after you've delivered an order we'll send you a push notification so you know when your great service has stood out.

The best way to get tips is to give great service by:

  1. Heading straight to the customer - They’ll be waiting for you
  2. Riding with care - This will help stop food from spilling or packaging being damaged
  3. Checking the delivery notes - They may contain instructions on how to identify the customer’s location or access their building
  4. Being respectful - Some well wishes can create a memorable customer experience
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